Sitting here watching 40 Year Old Virgin, I laughed at the scene where Romany Malco talks to Steve Carrol about putting the pussy on a pedestal. On the contrary, I too often I see women putting the dick on a pedestal. What does that mean? Well it means giving the dick more power than it should have. Making it the number one priority over everything. Women letting the dick be the final say so in court so to speak.

I remember when pussy was the focal point in the relationship. At the end of the day pussy was the one that has to be pleased in order for the relationship to run smoothly.
Somehow things have change in the course of the new generation. Is there honestly a shortage of good men or is it the new age women just do it a little bit different than in the past.

I call these women “Desperadoes” also know as desperate ass women. I’ve heard it all from buying men Playstation 3’s so they wouldn’t go out to having sex with another woman just to please their man. I mean really?  Does it come down to that…well I will just have to pass on that particular man! NO MAN is worth degrading myself or doing things that I don’t feel comfortable doing.

Now that it is about to be tax season there will be a lot of women part of the biggest scam in the African-American community. I like to call this the “Act Right to get that Money Right” gentlemen. Men playing the role of a changed man or a man that seems to be everything you want until the money hits the account from the tax return and you disburse the money to him. Don’t act like you don’t know this story. We all know it is an epidemic every year in February and March.

The cure for being a “Desperado” or putting the dick on the pedestal is SELF-CONFIDENCE. You have to know that you are a queen and deserve nothing but the best. Think with your brain and not your broken heart or lonely bed. Pain and loneliness are only temporary, and in due time it will subside. Believe in yourself and be the woman that a man can be proud of.