I was going through reddit and stumbled across a new epidemic or phenomenon that is sweeping the women who seek long hair. It just so happens to be a medicine women use for yeast infection. Yes, Monistat creme is not only used for curing yeast infections but now is the new outbreak for hair growth. It seems to be on many forums like Long Hair Care Forum and others that give testimonials from women of all kinds; state how they used it and gives tutorial.

According to an article on The Beauty Brains, studies conclude that there is no proof http://healthsavy.com/product/levitra/ that miconazole nitrate, the chemical which people claim help stimulate hair growth does not help with health growth.

My conclusion is that someone was playing a sick joke, and someone did it out of desperation for long hair. It just so happens that thier hair grew a few inches. It was pure coincidence and not from the Monistat cream used, but once one person does something and write a blog, and it works it becomes viral.

What are your thoughts? Would you use Monistat for hair growth? Would love to hear what you think. Leave Comments Below.