I can’t make this stuff up. Found this guy’s letter asking for advice. What should he do?

My girlfriend has been hanging out with a childhood friend of hers lately. I have no problem with this, but recently she has been staying at his place until the evening and sometimes comes home pretty late.

Last week she stayed at his place for a movie and came home at midnight, I greeted her and she was acting normally but this changed when I started to seduce her hoping to have sex with her.

She told me that she was tired, not in the mood etc. but after a while of exchanging kisses she agreed to have sex with me. She tried to stop me from http://pharmacy-no-rx.net/cialis_generic.html doing any foreplay but I insisted and started to give her oral sex.

This is where it gets weird: the smell and taste were pretty weird, in our 4 year relationship with at least 2 times of oral sex sessions per week I had never tasted or smelled that on her before. The taste was bitter and I could notice that she was uncomfortable as well, the smell was not her usual vagina smell, it smelled… Different… I stopped and had sex with her anyways.

Is this a sign that she had sex with the guy? What the hell should I do?

What would you do? Update coming up.