Well here is the update. Pt2

While I was waiting for her to come back from his place today (again…) I decided to check her Facebook and Gmail, since I had this feeling that something was really happening. I found several messages on Facebook between both of them and several emails that were sent back and forth.

To sum it up, she was cheating on me. I found out that they had exchanged dozens of naked photos before she started to go to his place, I also found several Facebook messages that were pretty graphic and flirty. She was also planning in leaving me and moving together with him.

I then confronted her with all the emails and messages, a fight ensured, lots of cursing and yelling. I asked her about that time that I mentioned in the other post and that I had noticed that something was off. She laughed and basically admitted of having sex with him before http://pharmacy-no-rx.net/levitra_generic.html arriving home, but according to her with was with a condom, I don’t believe in this because she takes the pill, so I’m going to get tested for STD’s this week.

I was pretty disgusted and still am pretty shocked at all this, and gave her half hour to grab her shit and leave. According to a friend she is now living with him. It was as if she became a different person in a matter of weeks, I can’t believe that this shit has happened with.

She is now gone from my life, a 4 year relationship screwed. Been trying to raise my spirits and put my mind off the situation with a few friends. So, I want to thank everyone for the support and advice. I guess my instinct was right..

WOW..eating where someone else has been. Not good. If you get a cold sore anytime soon young man..You know what to do.