Many people have been to the lake to go cat fishing, but has anyone been dick fishing lately? Yes, I know you are probably wondering what the hell is dick fishing. Well it’s sending your line out to catch the biggest and most talented dick you can find.

Now I know some ladies are probably too embarrassed to admit they are looking for that dick that will make the kitty go purrrr, but not this young lady. To often women all across the globe, all different races would like to throw their catch right back in the ocean and keep fishing for that one dick that you can take a picture of and show off to your friends. Something like the picture below!!!



Now I know everyone can’t be blessed with that type of magic stick, but if you’re not you better have the “motion in the ocean” that can pull of what a girl needs. Not to mention a strong oral game to help out.

Now those of you that have been fishing you know you need bait to catch a fish. The bait of chose for the prize winning dicks are quite straightforward, and 2 out 3 are God given. On top of the list is a fat ass. Yes, a fat ole booty will surely get the attention. As seeing that I don’t have one of those, and I am not getting any injections any time soon, I have to bring out my 2 guns. That’s right the breast are a excellent way to bait a man. Of course, you probably already knew those two classic baits.

Third bait is probably the most intriguing one. The old fashion body language flirting. When you are at the bar having a drink with your friends, and a good looking guy walks by give him some eye contact and smile. Get him to notice you while you’re taking a sip out of a straw and do it slowly and seductively while glancing at him. Lick your lips, touch yourself in a subtle way but don’t make it to obvious.  You might want to brush up against him to let him know you’re interested.

After that is done and you see you have his attention, it’s time to reel him in and see what you working with. Booty dancing wasn’t invented for his pleasure only. Grind on his dick and see what he is working with. If you have to put the palm of your hand on it and see what he got. I’m not saying stroke it, but you don’t want to waste your time on mini me.

So who’s going fishing this weekend? I know I’m invited right?