January 2013

Dick Fishing

Many people have been to the lake to go cat fishing, but has anyone been dick fishing lately? Yes, I know you are probably wondering what the hell is dick fishing. Well it’s sending your line out to catch the… Continue Reading →

Monistat Grows Hair?

I was going through reddit and stumbled across a new epidemic or phenomenon that is sweeping the women who seek long hair. It just so happens to be a medicine women use for yeast infection. Yes, Monistat creme is not only… Continue Reading →

Putting Dick On a Pedastal

Sitting here watching 40 Year Old Virgin, I laughed at the scene where Romany Malco talks to Steve Carrol about putting the pussy on a pedestal. On the contrary, I too often I see women putting the dick on a… Continue Reading →

WTF of the Week

1. Lets start it off right this week. This man’s wife found out that he was cheat. Bet he won’t do that again.                     2.  We all have something we hate… Continue Reading →

Halle Berry Sheer Night Gown

Halle Berry at a function with a sheer night gown revealing it all…Wow!!! What you guys think?

Chad Johnson Sues Because of Sex Tape

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson is going after World Star Hip Hop and Media Takeout for releasing a 3 year old sex tape of him and model Wankaego. Chad claims the two websites posted the stolen sex tape without his consent. According… Continue Reading →

Stripper’s Confession

It’s time to go to work. I sit in my car for a few minutes of peace and quiet every time before I go in the dungeon. That is what I call my place of business. I light the last… Continue Reading →

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